Our Story

We are the MECA team; we like to converse and exchange thoughts with others. We think that eye contact is significant in communication. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, our communication must be limited online instead of in reality. The light, the microphone the webcam all play an essential role in video conferences. So We integrate them, which has improved the conference efficiency. I believe MECA can also help you make the video conference more successful!

  • Retractable Mobile Camera

    MECA webcam has a mobile camera that you can easily pull to the center of the screen so that it looks like you are talking with people face-to-face. Maintaining eye contact during a conversation will leave others with an impression of confidence and friendliness on you.

  • Adjustable Color Temperature & Lamp

    The ambient light is always downward, causing strange shadows on your face. MECA's lamplight can make your face look bright and shiny, softer and prettier, leaving others a comfortable visual feeling. Both the brightness and color temperature are adjustable.

  • Physical Key Microphone

    MECA webcam features a physical microphone button, which is built with mute function and denoising function. You can easily mute the sound and capture clear audio without unnecessary background noise.